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AP Contemporary is a newly founded gallery in Hong Kong. Our focus is to provide a platform for emerging and established contemporary artists and talents from around the world to show their work in the center point of Asia – where some of them have never exhibited before.

Before the inauguration of AP Contemporary, we had participated in various international art fairs including Art Asia Miami and Art Tokyo in the last 3 years, as well as cooperated with other galleries to showcase our collection. After a few years’ observation, we decided to station in Hong Kong, where one has the entrance to the hottest and largest art market nowadays - China. In particular, we focus to introduce contemporary art from all over the world including Central and Southeast Asia, Europe and America,  where rich cultures will create provocative, inspiring and exciting statements, of which the works of art have high potentials and freshness for art collecting.

The gallery thus enables collectors to appreciate original work inspired by both Eastern and Western traditions. On top of our fine selection of established and emerging artists, we promise to offer more and more interesting names in the near future.