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Autumn Dreams- Sonya Fuís solo exhibition

Opening Reception: 19 September 2014 from 6 pm

Sonya Fu (Chinese name 傅敏兒 Fu Man Yi, b. 1982) belongs to a new generation of Hong Kong artists, call them the ‘cyberpunk’ surrealists, young artists attempting to insert themselves into a world post Blade Runner, computer games, sci-fi fantasy and manga-inspired art.

Her digital artwork printed on Diasec often presents a young girl or woman either dreaming or existing in a parallel world, a virtual universe in which dreams and reality fuse.
Inspired by music, spiritual beliefs, Buddhist or new age, Sonya Fu’s magical, virtual creatures are endearing and haunting at the same time, dreamers always.

A self-taught artist, trained as a graphic designer, she has exhibited in New York, Hong Kong, Berlin, Melbourne, Pasadena and with magazines such as JET, and CURVY 8. This is her first solo show in AP Contemporary with the newest collection of Diasec work.